La Petite Afrique

Source : Pays Côtier Randoxygène Département des Alpes-Maritimes
Duration : 2h

From the harbour, take the Gallieni pedestrian street behind the church, into the rue du Marché (pedestrian street); pass under the railway bridge behind the tourist office to arrive in the place Général de Gaulle.

Cross the square to find the Chemin des Myrtes (road) on your left hand side. Walk up that road, passing on your left the Anglican Church. Go along the cemetery and climb onto the Vallon de la Murta, a wooded path with holm oaks.

You will reach the Boulevard Edouard VII (Suffia area), which you follow on the right (east) for 500m before taking the stairs which go up on your left (between two 84 bus stops).

A long crossing leads you to the top of the Petite Afrique district.

You can then go back down to the Baie des Fourmis by a scenic path that overlooks gardens and villas. After several bends through a pine forest, you’ll arrive at a turn on Boulevard Edouard VII, at the level of a closed road.

Walk down for about 400m on the pavement of the boulevard in order to find on your right hand side the Escourchia shortcut, and then finish with the beautiful steep stairway of the Montée des Mandarines. After crossing the Boulevard Paul Déroulède, take the Boulevard Eugène Gauthier which leads to the harbour’s quays.

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